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JHP Services

JHP offers several types of service, including plastic injection molding service, OEM and customized premium service. Our highly experienced team is committed to providing products and services that exceed your expectations, and will partner with you during the manufacturing process. With 30 units of injection molding machines ranging from 40 Tons to 460 Tons, we have the capabilities to manufacture the most unique plastic products.

OEM & Customized Premium

We offer OEM or customized premium service for our customers where we produce plastic lids, plastic caps, handles, spoons, containers, plastic preforms, industry and engineering products based on customer requirements and occasions, which are labeled in their own brand. We leverage on the pre-existing or provided designs and moulds to produce fine plastic products at competitive price for our customers.

Clean Booth Manufacturing

A clean booth controlled manufacturing environment that designed to maintain extremely low levels of pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapors. Other environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure are controlled with air delivered to the clean booth through HEPA filters.

JHP operates few clean booths dedicated to providing precision plastic injection molding services of various plastic products, which fulfil the hygiene and cleanliness specification.

The Difference between a typical plastic injection molding floor and a clean booth manufacturing environment:


Positive air pressure

To keep any possible germs or contaminants out of the clean booths, the positive pressure is used in clean booths.


Special Clothing

Engineers and operators are selected to work in clean booths must wear special clothing to enter and exit the clean booths. The special clothing designed to trap contaminants of skin and the body.

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